At Adcote House we are committed to working in as sustainable a way as possible, and minimising our impact on the environment.  In order to achieve this –
• We participate in Green Tourism and have been assessed at Silver level, and we have also been accredited under the Green Key scheme and Green Leaders scheme;
• We comply with the requirements of environmental legislation and approved codes of practice;
• We monitor and reduce our use of energy, water and other resources;
• We reduce pollution, emissions and waste;
• We minimise the risks associated with environmental and social issues;
• We raise awareness of, and participate in, sustainable business practice;
• We expect similar attitudes and standards from our suppliers and business partners;
• We support others in the local and wider community in sustainable practices;
• We encourage our guests to use services and resources in a sustainable and sensitive way;
• We continuously seek to improve our environmental and social performance, including a regularly reviewed action plan
We encourage guests to help too by following the suggestions in our Responsible Visitor Charter, and giving us any feedback and any ideas as to how we can improve our practice.
Responsible Visitor Charter
We encourage our guests to use services and resources in a sensitive way by considering the following -
• Save energy – switch off lights and close windows if heating is on
• Give the car a rest – use the local bus, walk or hire a bike – suggestions and timetables are provided in the green folder at reception, and a range of leaflets and books are available
• Shop locally – both your Guest Information and reception have information on local shops
• Recycle – please leave plastics, glass and papers in the green section of the bin or alongside the bin, and we will then put these in the relevant recycling
• Be water wise – just use a glass of water when brushing your teeth
• Respect nature – use beaches, footpaths and cycle-ways responsibly, do not leave litter, and take only photographs
• Support other green tourism businesses – ask us for details.
Our Green Action Plan
We have achieved or aim to complete the following actions -
• We have switched to a 100% green electricity supply and regularly monitor our energy and water use
• We have switched all light bulbs to energy saving models with a programme to switch to LED models, and have installed lighting sensors on the landings
• We are working towards installing timing switches to space heaters
• We continue our recycling programme, and will report regularly on this
• Undertake relevant training modules
• We are working to set up a carbon-offset scheme in conjunction with the St Helena National Trust, which will extend endemic planting and protection
With the support of our guests we estimate that we have reduced the amount of trade waste going to landfill by 500% over the last two years.  In the past 12 months over 2500 litres and 200 kilos of plastic, glass, metals and paper have been recycled (at local plants), and all our food waste goes to a local biomass digester that generates electricity that is fed into the national grid.
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